some musics I've made because I don't know where else to put them >_>

Date (MM-DD-YYYY) Song Player Note
8-4-2020 frogger.mp3 ps1 inspired (probably the best song on here)
2-17-2020 song pre-alpha version.mp3 vgm-like loop
1-28-2020 battle against uhhhhh.mp3 vgm-like loop
1-6-2020 mission club space.mp3 vgm-like loop
12-23-2019 Chaos Medley ~ Battle of Phantasmorgia.mp3
9-29-2019 cave.mp3 vgm-like loop
2-16-2019 michael jackson.mp3 CURSED remix
1-17-2019 Kane Horse ~ An Equine Magic.mp3 touhou inspired
1-13-2019 horse battle.mp3 vgm-like loop
11-10-2018 rhodes diff mix 2.mp3 nitw inspired
11-4-2018 midnite fast foods 192kbps.mp3
9-30-2018 CLAP CLAP CITY BIH.mp3 scoopity