Selected Dreams

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this is still a bit WIP, but I guess it's in a good enough state where I can link to it



I had a dream there was a game that had, at least at first, had Mae (from Night in the Woods) in it. It was approaching the end of the year (IRL in the dream) so the option to start a new year became possible in the game, so I chose it. There were black platforms that were day themed, which I could adjust the colors of, and black platforms that were night themed. At first, it focused on the day, and I could change the colors of the day, but when I walked forward to the other side it became unchangeably blue. There was a female narrator guiding me through who I was, and what mistakes I needed to fix. I remembered this as being different from when I first approached the end of the year; the narration changes every time, and must've been player-specific.

As I kept going, there were these weird objects that had text that kept disappearing by slowly fading away, so I had to use the arrow keys to move the text to like, keep it fresh. It helped the text stay a little longer, but it was harder to read since every time I used the arrow keys the text arranged itself differently, with a different font. I could see it telling me things like Mistakes Can Be Changed, The Future Can Be Rewritten, text like that that made it sound like the game was some sort of time machine that erased mistakes. Suddenly the Delete Game option was there. It told me something like I could go on and it would work, but that there would be like, consequences, or that it wouldn't work in time. Something like that. I had the feeling the game was haunted, or paranormal.

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Had a dream I was inside a Minecraft adventure map that was cool and new webcomic themed. You went around jumping on platforms with text on them, hitting objects with a hammer which made them dissolve instantly. Soon I found the exit which was some kind of elevator, which I went to probably because I heard Undertale music. Realizing that the game was built upon Undertale, I went down floors trying to escape, seeing in the different rooms low-poly stuff from different games (which didn’t exist), and ended up in the exact start of the game (it functioned like rooms in GameMaker).

Soon, I don’t know exactly how, I found myself in a room that was dark trying to go to an escape and found that red EXIT sign that every building is required to have. I was going to go through it, but the elevator opened and from the other side there was that low-poly portion I went to, with the weird red circles and the green and the blue, and these Amish looking guys but not really went out. They had top hats but a weird outfit. I followed them through the exit and I seemed to had known some of them. One of them had to have been like, “do I know you?” or something like that. They seemed to act like hotel managers, but also were kind of friendly.

Following them led me towards this weird Christmas gathering, which my parents were at. I tried to go to their row to see what was up, but it was sort of crowded. There were these chairs that were arranged, and I had tried to get to them. We must’ve got out of there and went back to where the EXIT sign was, and saw more friendly weird people. Either way, we ended up in the car for some reason, at night, going to a CD / DVD / book shop that doubled as a auto shop. [redacted] Their logo was in blue and had said “CD / DVD / Book Shop” but also “Auto” underneath it somewhere.

I had lived in some kind of apartment or hotel room maybe. Actually I was wandering the halls of this one floor, specifically opening this one room which I didn’t live in anymore. There were stuff scattered as if I was still living in there, but in reality some Japanese guy was staying in it. I closed the door and limped back, and I must’ve heard someone going to the room again.

Then I was the protagonist of a YA book. It was night and I was thinking about Rich Girl by Hall and Oates and got flashed-back to a penciled painting of some girl I knew that looked sort of like Picasso. We were at her house and opened up the gate. It was dark and it was a mystery. We looked at the dining table and the phrase “You Can Never Go Back” was scrawled somewhere on it in an impossible way. When we went back to where we came from, it cut to “You Can Never Go Back” in white text on a black background, and then the scene continued, but in the lobby of the rich girl’s house.

Then the lights went off and this guy with a guitar and this girl next to him was there, as well as this angry gay guy on the right and maybe there was someone next to him as well, but I don’t remember that that well. The guy was about to play his song again and therefore the gay guy was ranting on and on about how he didn’t want to hear that song, how that song was "fucking stupid and annoying and not at all catchy." The gay guy was borrowed from my head from Will Grayson, Will Grayson, specifically the Will that David Levithan wrote about.

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Had a dream C████ was retiring from Discord forever. He would delete his account. As a final parting he rejoined the Nerd Herd (a Discord server).

Dreamt we were moving. I was sad that we were moving. Because we were moving there were weird stuff happening with the electricity. I woke up and checked my phone, and it charged weird because of that. I went on the computer and looked outside and there was a weird tree there. I looked out there wistfully, thinking about how we would pack up our stuff and move to a new house. I thought about it like a renewal almost.

Had another dream that I was in a store, and there were people there who were my friends, and I was supplied with money. I couldn’t buy much because everything was super expensive, but I was hoping to get a bunch of drinks for the car trip. I was hoping to get the drink that had the most volume for the least amount of money, even if it meant buying Faygo or something, which I would’ve done anyways.

I had a dream about furries but I can’t remember specifics right now. Also something to do with a projector? In a classroom maybe?

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I had a dream that there was this TV show about a man going insane. He was in his office or something and you couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t. There were little vignettes of other people’s lives mixing with his for some reason. Also at one point it turned into a MLP spoof but the animation was different. More cheap since it was a parody. Also it was a weird episode where there were multiple Rainbow Dash’s? There was a musical number and he was singing through her. But in my dream mind I was like “oh yeah I remember that episode of MLP.”

Later I was with these people and we took a shortcut around a restaurant which was like an alleyway or something. All of the sudden, unprompted, one of the people has a plan and tells us to go into the car which was in a warehouse for some reason. Someone says “I’ll drive” so he does, and soon the restaurant people become angry and start going towards us, while we’re still in the warehouse, but Deus Ex Machina happens and the police arrive to shoot them. Someone in our car gets out a gun and the restaurant people and the police duck, and then we drove away.

I had another dream that I read some old paper I wrote while I was diarying, and for some reason it was super extra fancy, using big words and such, being in like Garamond font and all. Meanwhile I had been writing my own diary with some paragraphs between medium and long. The old paper was a real-time look at me in the █████ ██████, and I had logged people’s conversations I overheard. I overused the semicolon too.

Had a dream PJ had an old Scratch account in which he had a plan to make a game where people took turns playing one character, but it had never really took off as he never really made anything about it.

Had another dream where I grabbed stuff out of my mom’s car, which was random stuff like a ball attached to a ping-pong thing, like arcade stuff from the trip earlier. Later there were transgender flag stickers on my piano which my mom said I should take off for better sound quality.

Later, I got into an argument with my mom in her office when I asked her about something and she said it had something to do with this one co-worker who looked like the old co-worker she has █████████. She attempted to say that I was calling for her and screaming about her and stuff but in reality it had nothing to do with her. Basically it was like an Abbott and Costello routine and I was like the straight man (probably inspired by yesterday when Dad was watching a YouTube video of a guy pranking a scammer and I said it was like that).

Had a dream it was September 1st and I had to do my birthday party. I would be 15. I was initially perplexed about the sudden date change but then I realized of course, it was September 1st, 2019. Until I woke up that is.

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Had a dream my computer got an OS upgrade or something, and it looked like a cross between Windows 7 and Windows 10.

█████ and I were mystery solving so we stumbled into Zman’s house. His Dad was meeting with my Dad (my parents were driving us). We went around the house searching for clues and Zman was just looking on the computer not paying attention to us. It was actually multiple layers of devices behind the computer for some reason.

There was a TV show in which there were people doing things. It was like a messed up version of some other thing, like a remake. There were some weird shenanigans involving differences between the remake and the original, and weird repeating stuff which I don’t quite remember. Something to do with Harry Potter, might’ve been a sketch skit too. Something like Monty Python.

Also dreamed I was dreaming something horrible and that I needed to wake up.

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Had a dream that I was walking through a street and people had food that we could just take. There used to be people who handed them out but we could just take them. Also had another dream that explored the origins of the dream I had where there was a parking lot garage and whatnot (12/25/18). I was in a parking lot garage and said that this was it, then began going to a mall-like place, saying that this was the inspiration for that. But the mall place was actually a mall.

Also yesterday had a dream my legs were imbalanced

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I had a dream that I was sitting at these tables and ████ and ████ were there. Naturally I sat down with them. But it seemed like ████ and ████ had a bit of a falling out. ████ tried to lighten the mood though.

Had a dream I had an agenda book dedicated to moms / girls. The first section was like an “About You,” the second one just an agenda, and the third one was just guides and whatnot.

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i had a dream I was at a clothing store and T.O.R.N.A.D.O. was playing and I told this girl I knew. She knew the song also. I was acting super extroverted.

I also had a dream I had a minor role in a sitcom, and the actor forgot his lines and started having a temper tantrum and the producers had to calm him down, and I was just thinking about how it turned out to be real, the tantrums. The set itself was lit sort of weirdly, almost with this weird dim-but-not lights.

I had a dream my parents and I were going to walk to California through a weird road. We went to the road but I guess the dream changed before we could go there. The pathway was narrow and we looked left and right for potential cars.

I might've had a dream where I was on a cruise ship or otherwise in some fancy place. But I don't remember anything about it.

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Had a dream that for some reason I had school on Christmas Day. Long ago I had a dream my mom casually waking up at like 9 AM and bringing me to school. I can't tell whether I re-dreamt it or simply remembered it in the dream.

Anyways, I had to navigate to 6th period, having been extremely late, but because of the big weird layout it was hard finding Mr. █████████'s class. I knew that his class was on one side of the wall because a family picture was on it of me and my family, of us looking extremely cozy and all-around Christmassy. It felt like an extremely well made picture. Felt staged, but I still felt the warmth nonetheless.

The architecture of this parking garage was just these four walls with the top sections having stairs and/or escalators and big wide carpet spaces that could be used for lectures. Different teachers had unique door stylings on their door, some doors were locked, others weren't, in general it almost felt like apartments. The outside of the school was similar to previous dreams in the weird way that it was office-like yet filled with wonder and felt just like a bizzaro version of school.

I just kept tracing and retracing my steps for some reason, re-entering each time, and it felt like a parking garage eventually, also each time there was this man who was there who exited or at the very least did the same thing every time I repeated. I think he confronted me about it and I said I was trying to find my 6th period class. There was a lecture going on in the center next to somee escalators which had been stopped because of the lecture. I went looking for my stuff in there, and maybe people started teasing me I couldn't really tell, but I did feel a sense of "I know these people" and like, almost a sense of family with them. I just remembered, some guy offered to let me chew a burrito or a burger or something indefinitely. He might've been on a podium and the burrito might've been just, right in his hand. I said no thanks citing that I didn't want to get trouble (for chewing gum).

Anyways my stuff was there, with my backpack too, and for some reason I had brought sketchpads, which in my mind felt like they were packed by mom. It looked like people had looked through my stuff and then gently set it aside. It felt like I had a book that I had made, for some reason. This teacher began asking me whether a thing was my art and complimenting me on it despite it not being my art. I told her no to the things that weren't my art and I found out they were folded up and written on these things that looked like bills (I called them notes) and they had an artist credit on the bottom left. I told her they looked like notes but she said they weren't. They might've been from a restaurant, similar to those houses Parkston tweeted.

I must've went to Mr. █████████'s, or remembered that I did through a previous dream where I was in Ms. ████████'s class. Maybe the reason why I felt strangely heartfelt about these people I never knew because they were an amalgamation of people from classes that I knew. Anyways the previous dream / current dream re-dreamed was that the class was in kind of dark-green lighting? And I kinda forgot the rest? Something involving homework, and people talking to each other.

I remember walking back home throughout the streets while it was snowing and with different people. The streets were all sorts of amalgamation like, and felt like they were taken from another dream. I remember █████████ (from ███) there and ███████ there hopping around as I ranted to them about why we had to have school on Christmas Day. I then realized that it didn't loop back around when we went to 6th and then 7th. Throughout the streets I kept feeling these different vibes which it's unclear whether they became real or if I just thought of them. I got these vibes of a dream I had in 3rd or 4th grade at my old school where something was happening and it was night and we were fenced in. It felt like a field trip too, all these people walking together despite them needing to go separate directions.

I just got these more vibes of people I used to know from █████ and whatnot, this weird backstory over drama, and how I didn't want to be included in drama. Something about a house.

Soon it transformed to something about me being Nick Wilde but not really and travelling around this place which morphed into an art museum at one point. I was there with L████ or someone else, and she left to go to one of the chambers. I was too scared because they creeped me out, one of them had a woodcut of the devil made in a folk art style, which in retrospect was pretty cool, and there were more medieval paintings. There were these two people who I felt like were married or otherwise in a relationship that I saw walking somewhere else as I went upstairs towards my apartment. It felt like one of them was ██████ but I never saw their face. I think they were dressed in the same way people in The Famine Games were. I opted to go back to my apartment, where my phone was and my cat was, and in my mind flashed a synopsis of the situation I was in because of my cat, something about "local fauna." My cat had reminded me of the "Boy and his X" trope, which might be why I suddenly became Nick Wilde. I unplugged my phone and to my dismay it was at 1% despite having been charged for a long time. After unplugging it and replugging it I noticed it had a spike in battery before suddenly decreasing. I replugged it and unplugged it strategically and suddenly the true battery was displayed: 100%.

Then I had a half-self-aware dream of headlines on an iPad because I wanted to make phrases I could quote when I woke up. I got "Flossy Transgenderism" and made-up words about K-Pop which I can't remember. I just held on to Flossy Transgenderism.

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i had a dream about █████, and school in general. I must’ve traveled back in time for them. I think I made a tongue in cheek joke about that, which reflected the real truth. There were other people in school too. I don’t remember that much, which is very unfortunate. Maybe it was about an apocalypse.

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Had a dream that I was on the road, with my parents. There was something about different sections of the world and deserts, deserts had a center and the center was dry. It was all about different climates. It was sort of posterized.

Had a dream that ████ was hosting this game on this server. Not sure what it is was about. Must’ve been something about desert or something. It was one where you could literally be in the game. I had talked to ██████ while this was happening on a bizarro version of Discord, and I had changed the date on my computer to January 1, 2011 or something like that, and ██████ followed suit assuming it was a meme. Thus the two things we posted became pushed all the way up. It was vague whether this was legitimate time travel or not. Regardless, I changed my date back and we were all set. I also remember something happening to the game where someone started invading, and I had accidentally not saved and we were back to where that thing wasn’t invading, and it was gone. It was in this style of a 3DS game for a little bit.

I think this was about the time this started to morph into some kind of thing involving being on the road and my parents. Maybe something involving food. I just remember being in a room thinking about the time where there used to be a TV there. I remember something vague about a shack. Or maybe a telephone booth. Something to do with my parents, maybe my dad, and maybe something about night, and cars. Something about not being home.

I was looking at something and there were these tables labeling this person as a “pokephile” but it was spelled wrong but I still got it. It just showed the exact age that that person became one.

Had a dream that █████ maintained these computers. Some of them were tests of things which had accurate voices that would say something if you pressed a button, and it would be randomized and say a different thing each time, there were even keyboards inside them that helped them do that. Two of them were talking rat heads which had this monotone voice that was sort of relaxing. Anyways, █████ printed out this code from this big machine and it basically just printed out lines of paper and at the end there was some weird numbers and letters that were for analysis. He was like, “oh ok”, and got open a stat chart, added a section that had something to do with love or something, and drew some stars in the correct places. This stat chart was pink and had hearts on it, and the stars represented something I bet. I couldn’t tell whether the stars were meant to replace the hearts or were just new additions. We began talking about loss in our lives for some reason, and I was thinking about [redacted] (don't worry it's not anything real traumatic!). I think █████ began to talk about some cat she had and I looked at her and she was crying. Or at the very least she had tears in her eyes.

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Had a dream that there was this UI about coffee, where the highest thing was complete black coffee while the lowest setting was like one drop of coffee and the rest being creamer. I had set it on 5 which was right in-between. The UI had little cute art to go along with it (anime chibi), making it easier to distinguish it between itself.

I had a dream about something regarding my hair. Maybe it was longer than usual. I also had a dream that I was on a bus with a piano and was jamming out and playing this extremely good song and I was astonished by how good it was (almost as if it was a dream...) It was night and I think there were people there who didn’t exist but still were familiar in the dream. As if I had some fake history with them before. Maybe in previous dreams.

Maybe also some kind of dream involving waking up and being awake, because when I woke up I was like oh I’m asleep.

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It was labeled as a “Crow Cillers” flash in my head and it was a narrative about these two assholes. They were dragons and pixelated, and were doing something to this one main character guy. On the top were the stats of the four protagonists, each labeled with their HP and MP and all that. The dragons do something, show their baby or something, and find a way to grab the protagonist psychically and drain him of his health. He falls to the ground.

It’s revealed that the other protagonist is sitting in the room listening to something on her headphones. She has a pink shirt on. She’s a very nice, positive character. It is unclear whether she’s an anthropomorphic animal or not. It’s unclear whether the protagonists are either. She gets antagonized by these two fellows who suddenly become humanoid, though this is seem as just a stylistic change. Also, it becomes more traditionally animated, and not looking like a video game, though still pixelated. She’s crying, and saying “I’ve had enough!” as they taunt her with the nice words she wanted them to say, bastardizing the glimmer of hope she had inside of her that they aren’t completely evil.

(I’m reminded of a dream I had about a boat. Some type of large boat. It seems very familiar and it’s almost like it’s an actual memory, but I know it isn’t because I remember it being very surreal. Something involving different rooms of it, and seeing the ocean. Big boat things. This is making me remember a distant dream I had in which I was also in a video game, but more like Portal and with something involving platforming. It was those first person 3D ones. Maybe it morphed into something different. Anyways, there’s no clear link between these, yet I’m reminded of them, and I haven’t thought about them in the longest time, and it’s surprising that I still remember them.)

Anyways, I was watching this take place sitting on the floor next to my bed. I found something cigarette-shaped in between the thing my bed’s on and the mattress but when I tried to smoke it it ended up just being an already-smoked / used cigarette surrounded by trash wrapped to look like a cigarette. This was a reference to a dream I never had in which I smoked a cigarette. I’m pretty sure I never had that dream.

I remember I had a dream about some vague storyline. I was in this house and outside was the universe, and I was someone while talking to another person, referencing Homestuck trolls for some reason, yet kind of knowing that it has to do with this, and I disappeared from pulling a yarn of myself and I must’ve went into the void while simultaneously being someone else. And this must’ve had something to do with a famous person, but maybe not. Who might’ve lead a group of people who covered their face in white powder. They might’ve been juggalos. Might’ve been Korean. They made a skin care video called “how to skin” that was lampooned by everyone. It involved something about lemons. Even The Onion covered it, and my parents watched it and I told them that it was The Onion. Overall it feels like there was a part of the puzzle that was missing, something that makes this feel like there’s this undiscovered lore.

Also I had a dream C████’s profile picture was a 3D exclamation mark (but like. a blobject one if you know what I mean) and that he messaged me 69 times. Also there was like. Group notifications that had 70 notifications or something. Yeah.

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Had a dream I was in town and during this season there would be this barbecue place that would open exclusively at this time of year, I think it was called Foucault’s or something. Anyways, we passed by one of them and it was in a sort of strip mall, and it seemed to be a computer lab with a bunch of old computers that were just outside, so we went to one of them. One of them was shaped like a floppy disk, the screen was, and had a console running. The console was really wide for some reason. I could log into it as L██████e (a friend's username) and play Minecraft by loading one of the worlds, and my Mom was saying stuff about how much time she should leave me here, but it was nonsense stuff like 15-17 minutes or something like that.

Had another dream I was in a classroom, and the teacher must’ve been a mix of Ms. ██████████, her substitute, and Ms. ███████. Anyways, I remember her calling all the boys to the other room to crack some eggs, and someone joked that she would only send two boys down there to a basement. Later █████ introduced me to this weird blocks that could act as a 5x5 Rubik’s cube when stuck together, and the teacher noted that there were some cubers in the room.

Had a dream I was in Discord, and for some reason I made this joke chatroom with me and L████ in Pesterchum. I remember █████████ ██████ was in Discord. Also, ███████ posted a picture of █████ saying some things and then posting a non-sequitur meme. I also remember people posting pictures of eggs saying stuff I can’t remember but like “I am a very smart egg” but more meaningless.

I HAD A DREAM THERE WAS A MEME WHERE PEOPLE PUT L BEHIND THEIR NAME OH MY GOD. It was a Twitter meme having to with people's twitter handles. I saw that C████ had replied to another furry with this. This was a furry specific thing.

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On Discord, someone posted a picture of a pool table where the cue ball was hitting all the other balls in the starting position and I said “them’s the 8r8ks.”

Had another dream where I was watching this weird bizarro My Little Pony where it’s all edited indescribably weirdly like an avant garde Cate Wurtz-esque story. There was a story, but I just only remember what it felt like. Like if Cate Wurtz made My Little Pony. I think it started becoming a bizarro My Little Pony when it cut to a montage of people in My Little Pony saying specific things. I looked at the seasons list and there were like 3 or something but I could only watch 1 of them, the rest were grayed out.

There was another dream where my parents were watching this weird version of Moonrise Kingdom where the main character was swimming from these tumultuous rocky ocean (which I had a dream about not today but in another day, it was some sort of competition) to this middle class neighborhood where some reason there’s a swimming pool, and he learned, as the narrator said, to live a life that wasn’t rich, which was what he wanted all along. Me and my parents were watching it. I asked them what movie this was and they said something like "not Moonrise Kingdom".

In another dream, I walked past this girl, who I had talked to when I "played the game" before; she had just said she wasn’t interested (as if I was trying to hit on her). So I had to become another character to talk to her (this section was based off of the gameplay of the Earthbound style games of Homestuck, in which you become other characters by talking to them and selecting the “become [this troll]“ option). So I talked to my Mom, and my mom realized that I told her to put on perfume and whatnot so that she could go on a date with the girl, which apparently she was married to or girlfriends with or whatever in this timeline, and she left and did that. I smiled shyly again, because it was endearing.

The lights were off in the entire house so when I went into my room I only opened my computer. I went to my room and logged onto my computer, which had this weird brony stuff on the cover. This guy came up and started asking me questions about the stuff on my computer, and he was very open and non-judgemental. I smiled a shy, this-is-endearing (despite being a little creepy) smile and explained stuff. He put his hand over an r/plotlines link on Reddit and said “I just can’t wait to analyze you,” with a lot of enthusiasm and I remember him talking a lot about me and getting things so right I wondered why he even needed me there.

My computer was suddenly out in the open in the city, in fact since it was out in the open there was all sorts of montages of us dodging things in the city related to the analysis for some reason. I asked him whether I used hand sanitizer during the montage. He said I would’ve known if I did. I asked him for some hand sanitizer. He didn’t have any. He said maybe go onto the computer to get some hand sanitizer, like order some? I think I saw a sneak peak of him actually having hand sanitizer but with dream logic it’s probably not.

Then these warriors or something from a church who abstained from sex jumped out at us (I caught a sneak peak of their billboard too, said something like “those do not need to use it” or something like that), and we had to fight them. I tried to captchalogue all of them into my sylladex but that wasn’t a thing and I screamed at them that wasn’t a thing, but then they used their various fetch modi to attack me. The guy found a way to defend us by manipulating this fetch modus to make the whole thing go dark and we were all animated and they were all beaten and this one girl who was part of the thing asked him if he could pick her up and he said “sure.”

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(I’m presenting these vignettes in my dream out of order, but they relate to each other.)

Had a dream that was like Crow Cillers or something. I was filling out this form, perhaps on a table similar to the one R████ had in his house. The top portion had been filled with my mother’s information and some wrong info or something, and I accidentally submitted it. The form was for some type of Girl Scout thing or something. Something like that. Something vaguely like that. Suddenly the top portion became a form for if you’re transitioning from MTF. I did the middle portion just to be safe and filled it in. I thought of what gmail account currently I could use that didn’t have my deadname, though I had already filled out the form with my gmail in it, the one with my name.

But I was also in a backyard, with my parents, or at least one of them. My mother, and some of our neighbors were doing really really big fireworks (I had expected the fireworks to be there for some reason, and I had known that the neighbors were Texans or something.) Then one of the fireworks became a full blown house. Just a full blown house in the sky. I asked my parents why the heck there was a floating house. She said something like “you didn’t know?” and explained that people can blow up houses and release them into the air. There was just a specific set of rules. Like, for example, you need to choose who goes into the house first before doing the weird house thing. And who gets chosen to go into the house has to be certain. There were some other rules or something, but I don't remember them. I joked to my mom that I didn’t even know that was remotely legal. And for some reason I had been living with the people I had been talking to on Discord, from my school. ██████, ██████, C████, R████, █████, █████, etc. etc. And as she talked about the rules I visualized us. Like in the style of a Discord chat, but also in real life. That’s confusing but that’s what happened.

Then I was inside the house, or something like that. I don’t even know what time of day it was. But I remember having parents. Some kind of parental figures. like Three4One in Crow Cillers but not. I got to do homework and got a weird case for my PlayStation, to zip up and to watch stuff on (in the dream there were two people talking about getting me a case for my PlayStation (which I presume to be a PS3)). I thought about watching the “twist ending” for I’m guessing this thing I was watching, which I don't remember anything about. I’m not sure if I ever physically touched the weird case for my PlayStation. I do know that I felt extremely loved. Almost as if I was in love. Almost as if this parental figure was like my boyfriend or something. Maybe it wasn’t even a parental figure. Some type of loving figure I lived with. Either way the whole thing felt like a big warm hug.

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Had a dream I was on the beach and there was algae everywhere. My mom was there. I was trying to avoid stepping on the fungi everywhere navigating around, and my mom was explaining why fungi was unavoidable or something. And then I was at my birthday party for some reason, and we were in a warehouse where a bouncy house was being blown up and my uncle was there w/ video games, and I didn’t bring anything. We drove to it.

Then it was raining, and I was walking w/ this guy in front of me, and I was Will Toledo, and I guess it was a music video or something but I kept following this guy who had something on his shirt that said “Home” or something. And I just kept following him, and I remember even in the dream I thought this was a metaphor, and it was raining and we were both soaking wet in the rain, but we just didn’t care and we kept running. And it was in a park. At it was dark.

For some reason I was in the bus again and I heard ██████ play “Sober to Death” or something but it was the re-imagined version which hasn’t even come out and it wasn’t Sober to Death it was some new song that sounded like a Twin Fantasy song, and I got excited but then ██████ stopped playing it and looked at me.

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I had a dream that i was in Walt Disney Studios or something. And a lot of █████ students were there, all by chance. █████, █████, etc etc. I first met them at a restaraunt. It had like, Starbucks and stuff. It could’ve been Japanese too. I didn’t buy anything there and I was with my parents. But passing by, with like a shopping cart or something was a █████ student, I believe it was █████. I wanted to go over to the lady at the counter, but to do that I had to go through some type of gate or something, and behind the lady were some more shopping stuff. (This just reminds me of a dream I had where I was at a mall, and the mall tilted and stuff, as in like Inception. But that dream was very vivid.)

Anyways, for some reason I was in Disney and they had a hole. The background of the hole was part of Zootopia (specifically part of Sahara Square), so I went inside (plus someone said that I should go there (I’m known for liking Zootopia)). Inside there was a form so Disney could determine whether enough people would be interested. Eventually it just turned into some sort of black room with the form, that people started filling out just for fun. I think █████, ████, and ████ were there. I remember myself saying that there were like 8 █████ students there coincidentally. There were like the people in groups going there, in Disney. And maybe I was a part of it. It’s all fuzzy.

Then I was in some sort of grassy area and Dad and Mom were there. There was a beat made from the grassy sounds, but Dad was getting annoyed with Mom. Back in the house (which was subtly different) there was this toilet plunger with the top part covered in another layer. I heard the sounds of the grass beat and Dad and Mom were less annoyed at each other.

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I was probably in Ms. ██████'s class. We were doing something we weren't supposed to do on the computer (probably) but I wasn't sure what. I am with ██████, █████, and ███. I tell ███ about Microscope, a board game, but he says it's boring. Ms. ██████ then walks in, and says "You guys aren't kids anymore!" and she goes on to say that we need to get back on track. Then, to the left of me, ██████ is on a lesson site laughing. He is wearing earplugs so I can't hear what he was laughing at, but I inferenced it was because the narrator's voice sounded gay.

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